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    • The control of Aedes aegypti for water access in households: Case studies towards a school-based education programme through the use of net covers. 

      Jardim, João Bosco; da Silva Barros, Héliton; Gonçalves, Caroline Macedo; Pimenta, Paulo Filemon Paolucci; Schall, Virgínia T (‎2008-12)‎
      We report the progress made so far towards developing a school-based education programme for controlling Aedes aegypti oviposition in household flowerpots through the use of a net cover (‎evidengue®)‎ to seal off the flowerpot saucer. A core feature of this programme is the association of evidengue® delivery with a basic package of oral and written information on dengue in classrooms. The flowerpot saucer is one of the most common type of water-bearing containers positive for the larvae of Ae. aegypti in the south-eastern region of Brazil. We present ...