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    • How to obtain measures of population-level sodium intake in 24-hour urine samples 

      World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (‎WHO-EM/NUT/279/E, 2018)‎
      There is compelling evidence of the direct relationship between salt consumption and blood pressure. WHO is coordinating initiatives globally to reduce dietary salt intake at the population level. Fundamental to this initiative is for countries to estimate a baseline of population-level dietary salt intake, and from there, to monitor trends in intake and the effectiveness of any interventions within and between populations. This document provides an essential salt intake measurement tool for countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region that want ...
    • Waist circumference: a better index of fat location than WHR for predicting lipid profile in overweight/obese Iranian women 

      Shahraki, T.; Shahraki, M.; Roudbari, M. (‎2009)‎
      We carried out a clinical cross-sectional study on 728 overweight and obese women aged 20-60 years during July 2005-May 2006 in Sistan and Baluchestan, Islamic Republic of Iran. Body mass index [‎BMI]‎ and waist circumference [‎WC]‎ showed significant correlation with total cholesterol [‎TC]‎, triglycerides [‎TG]‎ and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. After adjustment for age and BMI, this was also true for WC with TC and TG. There was no such correlation between waist-to-hip ratio [‎WHR]‎ and lipid profile. Hence, WC was a better anthropometric index ...