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    • Reproductive tract infections among married women in Upper Egypt 

      Sallam, S.A.; Mahfouz, A.A.; Dabbous, N.I.; El Barrawy, M.; El Said, M.M. (‎2001)‎
      In a house-to-house survey using cluster sampling, 1344 married women from urban and rural areas of Upper Egypt [‎Minia, Assiut and Sohag]‎ were interviewed and examined to study the magnitude and determinants of reproductive tract infections. Overall prevalence was found to be 52.8%, with the most prevalent forms being Candida albicans [‎28.0%]‎, Trichomonas vaginalis [‎8.7%]‎, Aspergillus species [‎7.4%]‎, streptococci [‎4.6%]‎ and Chlamydia trachomatis [‎4.2%]‎. Multivariate analysis identified certain groups of women at high risk of developing reproductive ...