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    • Prevalence of tinea capitis among schoolchildren in Iraq 

      Fathi, H.I.; Al Samarai, A.G.M. (‎2000)‎
      A school survey of 4461 primary-school children was carried out. The epidemiological, clinical and mycological features of tinea capitis were recorded. Of 204 clinically diagnosed cases, mycological examination of hair and scalp scrapings gave positive results in 120, a prevalence of 2.7%. Of these 120, 56 were from urban schools and 64 from rural schools. The male to female ratio was 2:1. The prevalence of tinea capitis was higher in children with a low socioeconomic profile, i.e. low standard of living, poor hygiene, low level of parental ...
    • Ringworm of the scalp in primary-school children in Alexandria: infection and carriage 

      Omar, A.A. (‎2000)‎
      A total of 510 children from a primary school in Alexandria were examined for tinea capitis, and samples were taken from their scalps. Specimens were examined by direct microscopy and were cultured. Diagnosis was by clinical and mycological findings. Clinical evidence of pediculosis capitis was found in 54.1% of children, more commonly in girls. Dermatophytes were isolated from 7.4% of scalp samples [‎2.9% confirmed cases, 4.5% carriers]‎. A further 2% were suspected cases as they were negative by mycology. Most of the children were under 10 years ...
    • Tinea capitis in Iraq: laboratory results 

      Fathi, H.I.; Al Samarai, A.G.M. (‎2000)‎
      A school survey of 4461 primary-school children was carried out in which 204 cases of tinea capitis were clinically diagnosed. All cases were cultured and examined microscopically in order to compare the validity of the two methods. Microscopy detected 92 positive cases [‎45.1%]‎, whereas culture detected 105 cases [‎51.4%]‎. We also isolated and identified the species causing tinea capitis in our sample. These included Trichophyton verrucosum [‎38 cases]‎, T: rubrum [‎22 cases]‎, T mentagrophytes var. mentagrophytes [‎12 cases]‎ and T: tonsurans [‎11 cases]‎. ...