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    • Antimicrobial resistance of Staphylococcus species isolated from Lebanese dairy-based products 

      Zouhairi, O.; Saleh, I.; Alwan, N.; Toufeili, I.; Barbour, E.; Harakeh, S. (‎2010)‎
      The study evaluated the antimicrobial resistance of molecularly characterized strains of Staphylococcus oureus and S. saprophyticus isolated from 3 Lebanese dairy-based food products that are sometimes consumed raw: kishk, shanklish and baladi cheese. Suspected Staphylococcus isolates were identified initially using standard biochemical tests, then strains that were confirmed by polymerase chain reaction [‎29 S, aureus and 17 S. saprophyticus]‎ were evaluated for their susceptibility to different antimicrobials. The highest levels of contamination ...