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    • Validity of pulse oximetry in detection of hypoxaemia in children: comparison of ear, thumb and toe probe placements 

      Bilan, N.; Behbahan, A.G.; Abdinia, B.; Mahallei, M. (‎2010)‎
      This study of paediatric intensive care patients aimed to determine where pulse oximetry probes should be placed to obtain the most accurate and reliable readings of peripheral oxygen saturation [‎SpO[‎2]‎]‎. Using arterial blood gas analysis [‎SaO[‎2]‎]‎ as the gold standard and SpO[‎2]‎ < 92% and SaO[‎2]‎ < 90% as indicators of hypoxaemia, negative predictive values of SpO[‎2]‎ were 96%, 98% and 98% at the ear, thumb and big toe respectively in 110 children, and 93% at all 3 sites in 90 neonates. The highest clinical agreement between SaO[‎2]‎ and SpO[‎2]‎ was ...