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    • Prevalence and risk indicators of myopia among schoolchildren in Amman, Jordan 

      Khader, Y.S.; Batayha, W.Q.; Abdul Aziz, S.M.; Al Shiekh Khalil, M.I. (‎2006)‎
      We aimed to identify the prevalence and risk factors of myopia among secondary-school students in Amman. Thus 1777 [‎1081 males and 696 females]‎ students aged 12-17 years old were recruited from 8 schools randomly selected from 8 different geographic locations in Amman. Data were collected by questionnaire, and self-reported myopia was checked against school medical records. The prevalence of myopia was 17.6%, with no significant difference between males and females after adjusting for other possible variables. Myopia was significantly associated ...