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    • Natural killer cell populations in Egyptians infected with hepatitis C virus 

      Rafik, M.; Sidhom, G.; Mamdouh, R.; Ellebedy, D.; Mohamed, M. (‎2012)‎
      Natural killer [‎NK]‎ cells are key players in the immune response to viruses. This study examined the effect of hepatitis C virus [‎HCV]‎ on the frequency of NK cells and their subsets in individuals with different clinical outcomes; 20 positive for anti-HCV and HCV-RNA [‎chronic hepatitis C]‎, 20 positive for anti-HCV but negative for HCV-RNA [‎spontaneously resolved]‎ and 20 healthy controls free of HCV. There was a significant reduction in the frequency of total NK cells in the chronic group compared to the control [‎P= 0.001]‎ or resolved [‎P= 0.01]‎ ...