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    • Gallstone ileus in the Jordanian Royal Medical Services in a 10-year period 

      Jarbou, S.M.; Al Hammouri, F.A. (‎2000)‎
      Six patients [‎5 women and 1 man, with a median age of 71 years]‎ were operated on for gallstone ileus in the 10-year period 1988-98. The diagnosis was made before operation in 2 patients. The obstructing stones were located in the terminal ileum in 3 patients and in the proximal ileum or jejunum in 3 patients. Choledochoduodenal fistula was present in all patients. A single-stage procedure [‎removal of the impacted stone, fistula repair and cholecystectomy]‎ was performed in 1 patient, enterolithotomy alone in 4 patients and resection of part of the ...
    • Neonatal intestinal obstruction 

      Nasir, G.A.; Rahma, S.; Kadim, A.H. (‎2000)‎
      We reviewed 36 cases of neonatal intestinal obstruction admitted to our surgical unit over a 10-year period, 1986-1996, for surgical intervention following the failure of conservative treatment. There were more males than females and the age range was 12 hours-26 days. Imperforate anus was the main cause of the obstruction [‎27.8%]‎ followed by duodenal atresia [‎13.9%]‎ and colonic atresia and meconium ileus [‎11.1% each]‎. There were 8 deaths following surgery [‎22% mortality rate]‎, the main causes being aspiration pneumonia, septicaemia and hypothermia