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    • Plasma met-enkephalin, beta-endorphin and leu-enkephalin levels in human hepatic encephalopathy 

      Kamel, L.; Saleh, A.; Morsy, A.; Ghali, A.; El Khayat, H. (‎2007)‎
      To address the role of the opioid system in the pathogenesis of hepatic encephalopathy [‎HE]‎ we measured plasma met- enkephalin, beta -endorphin and leu- enkephalin in patients with different grades of HE compared to control subjects and patients with cirrhosis. Plasma met- enkephalin levels were significantly higher in patients with cirrhosis and all grades of HE than controls. Plasma beta levels were similar in the 3 groups. Plasma leu- enkephalin levels were significantly higher -endorphin in HE grades II, III and IV than in controls, patients ...
    • Serum levels of astroglial S100-beta and neuron-specific enolase in hepatic encephalopathy patients 

      Saleh, A.; Kamel, L.; Ghali, A.; Ismail, A.; El Khayat, H. (‎2007)‎
      To find a reliable, noninvasive method for the diagnosis of cognitive impairment in patients with hepatic cirrhosis we measured serum levels of astroglial S100beta and neuron-specific enolase in cirrhotic patients with and without hepatic encephalopathy [‎HE]‎. S100beta levels showed a significant increase in groups with HE stage 1 and 2 compared to both control and cirrhosis patients. However serum neuron-specific enolase levels were not significantly different between the studied groups. S100beta levels had a specificity of 91.3% and sensitivity ...