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    • Clinical evaluation of Graves ophthalmopathy in north-east Islamic Republic of Iran 

      Razavi, M.E.; Abotoraby, R.B.; Kakhki, R.D.; Ghanavati, S.Z.; Layegh, P.; Taghavi, M.; Rajabian, M.T. (‎2008)‎
      This study evaluated the prevalence and severity of ophthalmic manifestations in all Graves disease patients [‎n = 68]‎ presenting to endocrine clinics at Mashad University of Medical Sciences between December 2002 and September 2005. The mean age of patients was 38.0 [‎SD 14.0]‎ years, range 15 to 71 years. The most common complaints were foreign body sensation [‎54.0%]‎ and puffy eyelids [‎48.4%]‎. The most common apparent abnormality was lid retraction in 64.2% of patients [‎bilateral in 95.3% of cases]‎. The patients had a mean modified Werner's NO ...