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    • Glutathione reductase deficiency in Saudi Arabia 

      Warsy, A.S.; El Hazmi, M.A. (‎1999)‎
      Glutathione reductase [‎GR]‎ is a ubiquitous enzyme required for the conversion of oxidized glutathione [‎GSSG]‎ to reduced glutathione [‎GSH]‎ concomitantly oxidizing reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate [‎NADPH]‎ in a reaction essential for the stability and integrity of red cells. Mutations in the GR gene and nutritional deficiency of riboflavin, a co-factor required for the normal functioning of GR, can cause GR deficiency. We conducted a study on 1691 Saudi individuals to determine the overall frequency of GR deficiency and to identify ...