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    • Genital abnormalities and groin hernias in elementary-school children in Aqaba: an epidemiological study 

      Al Abbadi, K.; Smadi, S.A. (‎2000)‎
      The prevalence of groin hernias and genital abnormalities in children in southern Jordan was investigated. A total of 1748 boys aged 6-12 years underwent clinical examinations of the groin. Abnormalities were detected in 320 children [‎18.31%]‎. Of these, 235 had indirect inguinal hernia, 37 undescended testes, 22 retractile testes, 13 hypospadias, 8 left varicocele, 4 hydrocele and 1 ambiguous genitalia. Herniotomies were noted in 56 children with failure in 2 cases. Of 4 children who had undergone orchiopexy, 2 had failed. No child had had surgery ...