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    • Oesophageal cancer in Bahrain 

      Al Hilli, F.; Malik, A.K. (‎2003)‎
      Data from all 148 cases of oesophageal cancer in Bahrain during 1952-99 were analysed according to patient sex and age and site and histological pattern of tumour, and compared with other Gulf countries. In Bahrain, oesophageal cancer accounted for 2.6% of malignant neoplasms. The female:male ratio was 1.8:1, and the majority of patients were >/=51 years and </=70 years of age. The lower and upper third of the oesophagus were the most and least frequently involved sites, respectively. Squamous carcinoma [‎males]‎ and adenocarcinoma [‎females]‎ were ...