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    • Prevalence and correlates of childhood fears in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates 

      Mohammed, N.A.; Eapen, V.; Bener, A. (‎2001)‎
      The prevalence of fear was explored in 340 adolescents in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates. More than 50% reported feeling extremely frightened of 6 out of 60 fear items surveyed. These items were: someone dying in the family [‎66.5%]‎, parents getting divorced [‎65.3%]‎, the devil [‎63.8%]‎, breaking a religious law [‎61.5%]‎, being kidnapped [‎53.2%]‎ and being adopted [‎49.9%]‎. The level of fear showed a significant positive correlation with female gender, parental death/divorce, living with a single parent/relatives, living in low income families and an ...