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    • Spectrum of hereditary coagulation factor deficiencies in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia 

      Islam, S.I.; Quadri, M.I. (‎1999)‎
      In a 7-year retrospective analysis [‎1991-97]‎ of the records of the Department of Haematology, Regional Laboratory and Blood Bank [‎Dammam]‎, 54 patients from all parts of Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province were diagnosed with hereditary coagulation factor deficiencies. The largest group of patients, 42 haemophiliacs, included 4 non-Saudi patients. There were 39 haemophilia A or factor VIII deficiency patients, 2 haemophilia B or factor IX deficiency patients and 1 combined factor VIII and V deficiency patient. There were 5 Saudi patients with probable ...