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    • CK13 in craniopharyngioma versus related odontogenic neoplasms and human enamel organ 

      El Sissy, N.A.; Rashad, N.A. (‎1999)‎
      The monoclonal antibody NCL-CK13 was studied in specimens of craniopharyngioma, ameloblastoma and calcifying odontogenic cyst neoplasms and the mandible and maxillae of normal human fetuses. There was a decrease in NCL-CK13 as the dental lamina developed, with a complete loss in the enamel organ. The neoplastic epithelia of the neoplasms revealed a clear phenotypic and immunohistochemical reactive relationship to the stratified embroyonic mucosa, away from the enamel organ. This suggests that these neoplasms might have their histogenesis from ...