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    • Brucellosis outbreak in Chouf district of Lebanon in 2009: a case-control study 

      Al Shaar, L.; Chaaya, M.; Ghosn, N.; Mahfoud, Z. (‎2014)‎
      A study was conducted to determine risk factors associated with brucellosis infection in an outbreak in Chouf district of Lebanon during summer 2009.Cases of brucellosis reported to the Ministry of Public Health were identified, and for each case 2 controls were matched by sex, age and residence.Sociodemographic data, exposure to animals and animal products, knowledge about brucellosis, symptoms and history of past brucellosis infections were collected.Consumption of raw cheese was a significant risk factor for contracting brucellosis [‎matched ...
    • Histamine poisoning associated with fish, cheese, and other foods / by Steve L. Taylor 

      Taylor, Steve L; World Health Organization. Food Safety (‎VPH/FOS/85.1, 1985)‎