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    • A case of Behcet disease with pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm: long term follow-up 

      Modaghegh, M.H.S.; Kazemzadeh, G.H.; Jokar, M.H. (‎2010)‎
    • Behcet disease: clinical spectrum and association with hepatitis B and C viruses 

      Farajzadeh, S.; Shakibi, M.R.; Moghaddam, S. Darvish; Rahnama, Z. (‎2005)‎
      We studied 48 patients with Behcet disease to determine the clinical spectrum of the disease. We also compared the seropositivity of patients for hepatitis B [‎HBV]‎ and C [‎HCV]‎ infection with a healthy control group to.determine whether there is an association. The major physical findings were oral aphthosis 93.8%, genital aphthosis 77.1% and ocular manifestations 64.6%. No patients were HCV antibody seropositive, but 3 of the control group [‎3.1%]‎ tested seropositive. One patient [‎2.1%]‎ and 2 in the control group [‎2.1%]‎ tested positive for both ...