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    • Prevalence of atrial fibrillation in a primary health care centre in Fars Province, Islamic Republic of Iran 

      Habibzadeh, F.; Yadollahie, M.; Roshanipoor, M.; Haghighi, A. Boroomand (‎2004)‎
      This study determined the prevalence of atrial fibrillation at a primary health care centre in Fars province of the Islamic Republic of Iran. All ambulatory people aged > or = 50 years visiting the centre between April and October 2001 were screened for atrial fibrillation using a st and ard 12-lead ECG. The mean +/- SD age of participants was 64.0 +/- 8.9 years. Of 463 participants aged 50-79 years, 13 [‎2.8%]‎ had atrial fibrillation [‎median age 74 years]‎, significantly more women [‎10/230]‎ than men [‎3/233]‎. Unlike previous studies in industrialized ...