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    • 11th annual meeting of EuroPharm Forum : report on a WHO meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark 3-5 October 2002 

      EuroPharm Forum. Annual Meeting (‎11th : 2002 : Copenhagen, Denmark)‎; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/02/5036349, 2002)‎
      EuroPharm Forum was founded in 1992. This is a Report of the 11th Annual Meeting, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2002. 70 participants from 26 countries participated in the meeting, which consisted of a business and professional session, including reports of activities during the past year, together with proposals for future activities. The meeting included a public symposium on future aspects of pharmacy practice in the light of WHO policies. During the business part of the meeting, elections were held for new officers and ...
    • 9th [‎Ninth]‎ Annual meeting of EuroPharm Forum : report on a WHO meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark 20-21 October 2000 

      EuroPharm Forum. Annual Meeting (‎9th: 2000: Copenhagen, Denmark)‎; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎EUR/01/5025384, 2001)‎
    • Altitude and bronchial asthma in south-western Saudi Arabia 

      Al Ghamdi, B.R.; Mahfouz, A.A.; Abdel Moneim, I.; Khan, M.Y.; Daffallah, A.A. (‎2008)‎
      Through a house-to-house survey, 1325 people aged 11+ years registered at 2 primary health care centres [‎1 at high altitude and 1 at sea level]‎ in Asir region, Saudi Arabia, were interviewed and examined for weight, height and peak expiratory flow rate. The prevalence of bronchial asthma at sea level [‎19.5%]‎ was significantly higher than at high altitude [‎6.9%]‎. Illiteracy, low income, use of coal and wood for heating, having a mud or tent house, lack of electricity inside dwellings and presence of sheep were also significant risk factors for ...
    • Assessing validity of the adapted Arabic Paediatric Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire among Egyptian children with asthma 

      Abdel Hai, R.; Taher, E.; Abdel Fattah, M. (‎2010)‎
      The recent focus in asthma management is rendering children a better quality of life [‎QOL]‎. Validity and reliability of an adapted Arabic translation of the Paediatric Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire [‎PAQLQ-A]‎ among Egyptians was assessed in a cohort of 103 asthmatic children aged 8-16 years. Discriminative validity of mean scores was significantly higher among mild asthmatics than those with moderate/severe asthma. Construct validity of domains was significantly negatively correlated with clinical severity score. Reliability and internal ...
    • Asthma and other allergic diseases in 13-14-year-old schoolchildren in Urmia: an ISAAC study 

      Rahimi Rad, M.H.; Hejazi, M.E.; Behrouzian, R. (‎2007)‎
      We determined the prevalence and risk factors of asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic eczema in 3000 13-14-year-old schoolchildren in Urmia, Islamic Republic of Iran. We used the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood [‎ISAAC]‎ written and video questionnaires. With the written questionnaire, the prevalence of current symptoms [‎within the past 12 months]‎ was: wheeze 14.5%, allergic rhinitis 23.6% and eczema 10.1%. Self-reported asthma ever was only 2.1%. With the video questionnaire, the prevalence of wheeze was lower; 7.4% for ...
    • Asthma knowledge and behaviours among mothers of asthmatic children in Aseer, south-west Saudi Arabia 

      Al Binali, A.M.; Mahfouz, A.A.; Al Fifi, S.; Naser, S.M.; Al Gelban, K.S. (‎2010)‎
      Mothers of children with bronchial asthma consecutively admitted to Aseer central hospital, Saudi Arabia [‎n = 171]‎, were interviewed using a questionnaire based on the Chicago Community Asthma Survey to study their knowledge and behaviours concerning bronchial asthma. The least known information among mothers was the complications of bronchial asthma. Breathing exercises during asthma attacks were the least practised behaviour. In a multivariate analysis, significant risk factors for poor knowledge and behaviours among mothers were female sex of ...
    • Asthma prevalence and severity among primary-school children in Baghdad 

      Al Thamiri, D.; Al Kubaisy, W.; Ali, S.H. (‎2005)‎
      To measure asthma prevalence and severity among children in Baghdad, we randomly sampled 3360 primary-school children and had their parents complete st and ardized questionnaires. The response rate was 86%, male to female ratio was 0.75:1 and age range was 6-12 years. Prevalence of wheezing ever was 25.0%. Wheezing during the last 12 months was 19.9% and 2.9% of the children had more than 12 attacks. Parents reported nocturnal wheezing for 16.3% of the children and severe attacks that limited speech for 10.5%. Prevalence of asthma ever was 22.3%. ...
    • Atopic profile of asthmatic children in Bahrain 

      Tabbara, K.S.; Ibrahim, A.; Ajjawi, R.; Saleh, F. (‎2010)‎
      This study aimed to define the profile of asthmatic children in Bahrain and the prevalence of sensitization to aeroallergens and foods. A total of 95 children who were clinically diagnosed with asthma were enrolled: 71.6% mild, 20.0% moderate and 8.4% severe asthma [‎NIH criteria]‎ Serum IgE concentrations were elevated [‎> 200 kU/L]‎ in 21.1% of patients and highly elevated [‎> 400 kU/L]‎ in 9.5%. Absolute eosinophil counts were elevated [‎>350 X 10[‎6]‎/L]‎ in 54.8%. Overall, 67.4% of children were atopic; 56.8% were sensitive to inhalant allergens and ...
    • Bronchodilators and other medications for the treatment of wheeze-associated illnesses in young children 

      World Health Organization. Programme of Acute Respiratory Infections (‎WHO/ARI/93.29. Unpublished, 1993)‎
    • Current health care of childhood bronchial asthma in Alexandria, Egypt 

      Bassili, A.; Zaki, A.; El Sawy, I.H.; Bedwani, R.; Tognoni, G. (‎1998)‎
      A cross-sectional study was conducted in the outpatient clinics of all specialized children's hospitals in Alexandria. The aim was to describe the health care delivered to children suffering from asthma and how far it complied with recent therapeutic guidelines. The pattern of asthma management was characterized by a significant underuse of prophylactic drugs in moderate/severe chronic asthma, underuse of the inhalation mode of delivery, and corticosteroids abuse as a prophylactic in between acute exacerbations in mild asthma. Also, assessment ...
    • Effect of zinc supplementation in children with asthma: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial in northern Islamic Republic of Iran 

      Ghaffari, J.; Khalilian, A.; Salehifar, E.; Khorasani, E.; Rezaii, M. S. (‎2014)‎
      إن هناك تقارير متضاربة عن منافع المقادير الداعمة من الزنك على الأطفال المصابين بالربو. وقد تناولت هذه الدراسة تأثر المقادير الداعمة من الزنك على الأطفال المصابين بالربو ممن يراجعون العيادات في "ساري" في جمهورية إيران الإسلامية؛ وهي دراسة سريرية معشاة للحالات والشواهد ومزدوجة التعمية استمرت أكثر من ثمانية أسابيع وشملت 284 طفلا يعالجون بالستيروئيدات إنشاقا، بعد توزيعهم إلى 144 طفلا تلقوا مقدارا داعما من الزنك [‎50 ميي غرام/يوم]‎و 140 طفلا شاهدا. وقد تبين للباحثين أن لدى كل من أطفال الحالات والشواهد مستويات منخفضة من الزنك في البدء [‎61.8 +/- 7.3 ...
    • Eosinophil cationic protein as a serological marker of disease activity in childhood bronchial asthma 

      Badr El Din, O.M. (‎1999)‎
      To study the value of eosinophil cationic protein [‎ECP]‎ as a serological marker of disease activity in childhood bronchial asthma, ECP levels were measured in 20 healthy control children and 25 asthmatic children, during and 2 weeks after acute exacerbation. The mean serum ECP level of all asthmatic patients, during and after exacerbation, was significantly higher than the control group and was significantly higher during attacks than 2 weeks after their termination. ECP levels were highest in severe attacks, but did not differ between mild and ...
    • Feasibility of a peer-led, school-based asthma education programme for adolescents in Jordan 

      Al Sheyab, N.A.; Gallagher ,R.; Roydhousc, J.K.; Crisp, J.; Shah, S. (‎2012)‎
      The Adolescent Asthma Action programme [‎Triple A]‎ has been used successfully to promote asthma knowledge, awareness and quality of life in adolescents with asthma in Australia. We describe the feasibility and acceptability of an adaptation of this English-language, peer-led, asthma education programme in a girls' high school in Northern Jordan. The pilot was conducted by bilingual health workers. Feasibility, acceptability and adaptability were measured through participation rates, open-ended questionnaires completed by peer leaders, a focus group ...
    • Fenoterol and fatal asthma 

      Unknown author (‎1989)‎
    • First report of asthma prevalence in Afghanistan using international standardized methods 

      Bemanin, M.H.; Fallahpour, M.; Arshi, S.; Nabavi, M.; Yousofi, T.; Shariatifar, A. (‎2015)‎
      No data on the prevalence of asthma in Afghanistan have been published before. In a school-based survey in 2010–2011 the wheezing section of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (‎ISAAC)‎ questionnaire was completed by a random sample of 1500 children aged 6–7 years and 1500 adolescents aged 13–14 years old. The prevalence of physician-diagnosed asthma was 12.5% in 6–7-year-olds and 17.3% in 13–14-year-olds (‎P = 0.002)‎. The prevalence of wheeze in the last 12 months was similar in children and adolescents (‎19.2% and 21.7% ...
    • A handbook on how to implement mBreatheFreely, mHealth for COPD and asthma 

      World Health Organization; International Telecommunication Union (‎2017)‎