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Stop The Global Epidemic of Chronic Disease
The WHO Global InfoBase is a data warehouse that collects, stores and displays information on chronic diseases and their risk factors for all WHO member states.

High quality health statistics are essential for planning and implementing health policy in all country settings. The Infobase assembles, for the first time in one place, non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factor data collected from WHO Member States. NCD risk factor data are crucial for predicting the future burden of chronic diseases in populations and also for identifying potential interventions to reduce the future burden. The Infobase online dissemination tool provides not only data but also health information to help users understand health enquiries worldwide and improve the health of nations.

Infobase promotes "transparency, accessibility and traceability" of health information. "Transparency" refers to the ability to easily understand health information and work with health data. "Accessibility" is the ability of all interested parties to easily access and contribute to the data within the Infobase. "Traceability" presents an "audit trail" for all data entered into the Infobase. It provides a resource for users to trace each data point to its original source.

The Infobase is a dynamic and an on-going project. All graphs, maps and data tables are generated by retrieving data from a regularly updated database. If it appears that we have missed an important source, reference or a survey for your country please contact us at infobase@who.int.

Quick Start:
 Global Comparable Estimates, Risk Factors   (more..)
Prevalence of overweight & obesity map: Males, aged 15+, 2010 Females, aged 15+, 2010
Estimated overweight & obesity slide show Males, 2002, 2005 & 2010 Females, 2002, 2005 & 2010
 Global Burden of Disease   (more..)
Age Standardized Mortality Map:    
  Noncommunicable diseases: Males, 2004 Females, 2004
    Malignant neoplasms Males, 2004 Females, 2004
    Cardiovascular diseases Males, 2004 Females, 2004
Estimated Proportional Mortality: All WHO Member States  
  WHO African Region  
  WHO Region of the Americas  
  WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region  
  WHO European Region  
  WHO South-East Asia Region  
  WHO Western Pacific Region  

Database Updated: 20/01/2011
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