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E006: Temperature monitoring devices

The products in this category relate to thermometers, freeze indicators, temperature recorders, alarm systems, event loggers and remote communication devices for monitoring temperatures at all levels of the cold chain. A list of prequalified products in this category is provided below. Links to the relevant PQS data sheet are also provided.

Manufacturers wishing to prequalify products in this category should contact the PQS Secretariat ([email protected]), noting that new applications must follow procedures as described in the Guidelines for manufacturers of temperature monitoring devices.

Search for products using the Category Product Search link below. Guidelines, performance specifications, and verification protocols can be accessed through the Category Documentation link.

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ProductDescriptionCompanyMfr reference  
E006/001Vaccine Vial Monitor Type 2Temptime CorporationHEATmarker® VVM 2
E006/004Cold chain monitorBerlinger & Co. AGVaccine cold chain monitor shipment record
E006/006User prg temperature data loggerLogTag Recorders LimitedLogtag TRIX-8
E006/007Electronic freeze indicatorBerlinger & Co. AGFreeze-tag
E006/009Electronic freeze indicatorSensitech Inc.FreezeAlert TM
E006/01040 day Electronic shipping indicatorSensitech Inc.VaxAlert TM
E006/01330-day electronic temperature loggerLogTag Recorders LimitedVaxTag 30-day electronic temperature logger
E006/014Electronic shipping indicator Q-Tag CLmBerlinger & Co. AGQ-Tag CLm
E006/015Electronic freeze indicator Q-Tag QuadBerlinger & Co. AGQ-Tag Quad
E006/016Electronic shipping indicator Q-Tag CLm docBerlinger & Co. AGQ-Tag CLm doc
E006/019Remote Temperature Monitoring SetBerlinger & Co. AGsmartLine
E006/02030 day electronic temperature loggerBerlinger & Co. AGFridge-tag 2
E006/02140 day electronic shipping indicatorLogTag Recorders LimitedTIC20 - WA/B & TIC20 - WC
E006/022User programmable temperature data logger CBELPRO-BUCHS AGLIBERO CB
E006/023User programmable temperature data logger CSELPRO-BUCHS AGLIBERO CS
E006/028User programmable temperature data logger Sensitech Inc.TT4 USB Multi-Alarm Monitor
E006/02940 day electronic shipping indicatorSensitech Inc.VaxAlertTM USB
E006/030Electronic Shipping IndicatorBerlinger & Co. AGQ-tag® CLm doc L
E006/036Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceBeyond Wireless Technology (Pty) LtdICE3 - Model BC141
E006/037Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceBeyond Wireless Technology (Pty) LtdIce3-Extra-BC440
E006/038Irreversible freeze indicatorLogTag Recorders LimitedTICT-iS0°Tag
E006/039Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceNexleaf AnalyticsColdTrace 5
E006/04230-day electronic temperature loggerQingdao Haier Biomedical Co., Ltd HETL-01
E006/04030-day electronic temperature logger Berlinger & Co. AGFridge-tag 2 E
E006/041Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceBerlinger & Co. AGFridge-tag 3 without GSM
E006/043User programmable temperature data loggerTemperature Sensitive Solutions ABWeblogger II
E006/046User programmable temperature data loggerSensitech Inc.TempTale® Ultra
E006/044User programmable temperature data loggerTempSen Electronics CompanyITAG4
E006/048Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceBlulog Sp. z o.o Blulog
E006/045User programmable temperature data loggerTempSen Electronics CompanyITAG4 Bio
E006/047User programmable temperature data loggerDeltaTrak Inc.DeltaTrak Model 40527
E006/051Vaccine Vial Monitor Type 7Temptime CorporationHeatMarkerŠ@ VVM 7
E006/052Vaccine Vial Monitor Type 11Temptime CorporationHeatMarkerŠ@ VVM 11
E006/050Vaccine Vial Monitor Type 30Temptime CorporationHeatMarkerŠ@ VVM 30
E006/049User programmable temperature data loggerSwitrace SAI-PLUG pdf BIO
E006/054Vaccine Vial Monitor Type 14Temptime CorporationHeatMarkerŠ@ VVM 14
E006/055Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceZero Appliances (Pty) LtdStat-Send
E006/056User Programmable data loggerELPRO-BUCHS AGLIBERO W
E006/058Vaccine Vial Monitor Type 250Temptime CorporationHEATmarker® VVM 250
E006/057Threshold Indicator40Temptime CorporationLIMITmarker I-K
E006/059Combined VVM250 and Threshold Indicator40Temptime CorporationHEATmarker® VVM+250
E006/060Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceQingdao Haier Biomedical Co., Ltd Haier U-Cool
E006/061Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceIKHAYA Automation systemsVM1000
E006/062Electronic Freeze IndicatorSwitrace SAEndicate Freeze
E006/065User Programable data loggerSwitrace SABT360
E006/063Electronic Shipping Indicator Type 1Switrace SAEndicate Type 1
E006/064Electronic Shipping Indicator Type 2Switrace SAEndicate Type 2
E006/067Chemical Freeze IndicatorTemptime CorporationFREEZEmarker® L - PQS
E006/068Electronic Shipping Indicator ELPRO-BUCHS AGLIBERO ITS
E006/069User Programable data loggerParsyl Inc.Trek Pro
E006/07040 day Electronic Shipping IndicatorLogTag Recorders LimitedUSRID-16WC and USRID-16WA/B
E006/071Vaccine Vial Monitor Type 1Temptime CorporationHEATmarker® VVM1
E006/072Combined VVM30 & Threshold Indicator40Temptime CorporationHEATmarker® VVM+30
E006/075Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceQingdao Haier Biomedical Co., Ltd U-COOL-LORA
E006/073USER PROGRAMMABLE DATA LOGGERThe mSupply FoundationmSupply ColdChain
E006/076User programmable data loggerLogTag Recorders LimitedUTRID-16
E006/077Electronic Shipping IndicatorParsyl Inc.Parsyl Trek Tab
E006/078Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceQingdao Haier Biomedical Co., Ltd U-COOL Pro
E006/079USER PROGRAMMABLE DATA LOGGERHoneywell International (India) Private LimitedHoneywell BluTag 360™
E006/080Remote Temperature Monitoring DeviceParsyl Inc.Parsyl Trek Pro & Gateway
E006/082USER PROGRAMMABLE DATA LOGGERInspired Technology LtDVac-TL-01
E006/08130 Day Temperature LoggerG-Tek Corporation Private LimitedLM-XS Pro E006
E006/084User programmable data loggerParsyl Inc.Parsyl Trek Tab
E006/083User programmable data loggerElitech Technology Inc.LogEt 1
E006/085User programmable data loggerTesto SE & Co. KGaAtesto 184 T3
E006/086Electronic Shipping IndicatorInspired Technology LtDVax Ultima