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E004: Insulated containers

The products in this category relate to cold boxes, vaccine carriers and other insulated containers used in the transport and/or storage of vaccines. Questions to consider when choosing an insulated container are summarized in the PQS Catalogue. A list of prequalified products in this category is provided below. Links to the relevant PQS data sheet are also provided.

Manufacturers wishing to prequalify products in this category should contact the PQS Secretariat (, noting that new applications must follow procedures as described in the Guideline for manufacturers of insulated containers and coolant packs type water-packs.

Search for products using the Category Product Search link below. Guidelines, performance specifications, and verification protocols can be accessed through the Category Documentation link.

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ProductDescriptionCompanyMfr reference  
E004/002Vaccine Carrier LR 3L B Medical Systems Sarl RCW4
E004/003Cold Box SR 6LB Medical Systems Sarl RCW8
E004/004Cold Box LR 7LB Medical Systems Sarl RCW12
E004/005Cold Box LR 20LB Medical Systems Sarl RCW25
E004/007Vaccine Carrier SR 0.8LAOV International LLPADVC-24
E004/009Vaccine Carrier LR 2.5 LAOV International LLPAVC-46
E004/011Vaccine Carrier SR 0.9 LApex InternationalAIDVC-24
E004/010Cold box LR 23 LApex InternationalAICB-444L
E004/031Cold Box LR 22.5 LApex InternationalAICB 503L
E004/013Cold Box LR 23LNilkamal LimitedRCB-444L
E004/015Cold box LR 18LAOV International LLPACB-503L
E004/018Cold Box LR 12LBlowkingsCB-12-CF
E004/019Cold Box SR 7LBlowkingsCB-55-CF
E004/020Vaccine carrier LR 2.6LBlowkingsBK-VC 2.6-CF
E004/021Vaccine carrier LR 1.7LBlowkingsBK-VC 1.7-CF
E004/022Vaccine carrier SR 0.9LBlowkingsVDC-24-CF
E004/023Cold box LR 6LAOV International LLPACB-264SL
E004/025Cold Box LR 20LBlowkingsCB-20-CF
E004/026Cold box SR 16LNilkamal LimitedRCB246LS
E004/027Cold box SR 15LNilkamal LimitedRCB324SS
E004/028Vaccine carrier SR 0.9LNilkamal LimitedBBVC23
E004/029Vaccine carrier LR 1.5L Nilkamal LimitedBCVC43
E004/030Cold Box SR 8LApex InternationalAICB-243s
E004/032Vaccine carrier LR 2.6LGiostyle SpAGio'Style VC 2.6L
E004/034Cold box 6L Long RangeNilkamal LimitedRCB 264SL
E004/036Cold box LR 20LNilkamal LimitedRCB 444L-A
E004/040Vaccine carrier Long Range 2.7LNilkamal LimitedVaccine carrier LR BCVC46
E004/041Long-Term Passive DeviceQingdao Aucma Global Medical Co.,Ltd.ARKTEKā„¢ model YBC-5 (P6)
E004/042Cold box SR 16LEBAC CO. Ltd.EBT-30
E004/043Vaccine Carrier LR 3.4 LBlowkingsBK-VC 3.4 -CF
E004/044Vaccine carrier Long RangeApex InternationalAIVC-44LR
E004/045Cold boxApex InternationalAICB-156L
E004/046cold box Long RangeApex InternationalAICB-316L
E004/047Vaccine carrier long rangeApex InternationalAIVC-46
E004/049Vaccine carrier Nilkamal LimitedBCVC43A
E004/050Freeze-Free Vaccine Carrier Long RangeAOV International LLPAFVC-46
E004/051Freeze-Free Vaccine Carrier Long RangeQingdao Leff International Trading Co LtdFFVC-1.7L
E004/008Vaccine Carrier LR 1.35 LAOV International LLPAVC-44
E004/017Cold Box SR 16LAOV International LLPACB 246LS
E004/024Cold Box LR 18LAOV International LLPACB-316L
E004/052Freeze Free Vaccine CarrierBlowkingsBK-FF-VC-1.6L
E004/053 Vaccine Carrier Long RangeNilkamal LimitedBCVC44B
E004/054Vaccine Carrier Nilkamal LimitedBDVC44
E004/055Vaccine Carrier Long rangeNilkamal LimitedBDVC46
E004/056Short range vaccine cold boxNilkamal LimitedRCB244SS
E004/057Freeze-free vaccine cold boxQingdao Leff International Trading Co LtdFFCB-15L
E004/058Freeze Free Vaccine carrierNilkamal LimitedBCVC46LFF
E004/059Vaccine Carrier Freeze-FreeB Medical Systems Sarl RCW1
E004/060Long range vaccine carrierRajas EnterprisesRE0333VC
E004/061Vaccine Carrier (Short Range)PARACOAT PRODUCTS LTD2CPCPVC-001
E004/065Freeze-Free Vaccne carrier long rangeBlowkingsBK-VC-FF 2.4 L
E004/063Freeze-Free Vaccine carrier short-rangeAOV International LLPAFVC44
E004/064Freeze-Free Cold BoxQingdao Leff International Trading Co LtdFFCB-20L
E004/067Vaccine Cold Box (Long Range)Nilkamal LimitedRCB503L
E004/068Vaccine Cold Box (Long Range)Nilkamal LimitedRCB316L
E004/069Vaccine Cold Box Qingdao Leff International Trading Co LtdFHCB23-0624
E004/070Freeze-free Vaccine carrier, Long rangeGobi TechnologiesFF001A Eclipse 1.8L
E004/071Freeze-free Vaccine carrier, Long rangeGKS Healthsol LLPGKS FFVC-44LR
E004/072Freeze Free Vaccine Carrier Short RangeGKS Healthsol LLPFFVC 44SR