The Role of the GPMB

The GPMB will play a critical role in ensuring system-wide accountability for preparedness efforts, through providing an annual overview of the state of the world’s preparedness, monitoring the progress of relevant research and development, and making specific high-level recommendations. GPMB members advocate with policy-makers and other stakeholders for improving preparedness for health crises. The GPMB seeks to enhance global coordination and capacity, and to galvanize community and national ownership. In these roles, the GPMB is supported by a Secretariat, located in WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland.

The GPMB will:
  1. highlight critical gaps in preparedness, especially regarding the cooperation between key players
  2. identify potential mechanisms for addressing such gaps
  3. mobilize its influence with leaders and policy makers to increase preparedness activities and ownership at global, national and community levels

The GPMB publishes an annual report on global preparedness for health emergencies that provides an authoritative assessment that is easily translatable to action for policymakers, researchers, health professionals and donors.

In addition, the GPMB will prepare in-depth examinations of particular topics and emerging issues related to health crisis preparedness.