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Statements Statements submitted by Member States and other participants at the Seventy-second World Health Assembly These statements are made available for information purposes only; they do not replace the official record. They are not edited by the Secretariat and appear as presented to the Secretariat by the delegation concerned.
Item 11.1 Canada Mexico
Item 11.4 Canada Honduras Republic of Zambia Romania Other participants GAVI IFRC UNSCN
Item 12.2 Republic of Zambia
Item 12.3 Republic of Zambia Republic of Zambia Other participants ILO IOM
Item 12.9 Republic of Zambia
Item 14 Indonesia Turkey
Item 15.2 Indonesia
Item 17.1 Haiti Indonesia
Item 17.2 Indonesia
Item 17.5 Republic of Zambia
Item 20 Other participants WFP
Item 21.1 European Union
Item 21.2 Indonesia
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