The individual food consumption data available on this e.platform were collated by FAO and WHO into the FAO/WHO database CIFOCOss - Chronic individual food consumption database – Summary statistics - to support chronic dietary exposure assessment.
This database created in 2012 was updated in 2018, allowing Member States to provide newly generated data and to improve the accuracy of shared information based on lessons learned.
The main improvements of this second version are:
  • Mapping of the Codex classification with the FoodEx2 Classification as recommended by JECFA
  • Separated statistics available for males and females
  • Separated statistics available for different age groups
In order to perform a dietary exposure assessment based on different percentiles or to use a probabilistic or deterministic model for which microdata are needed, please consult FAO/WHO GIFT platform. This platform provides food consumption data mapped with the same food classification and description system (FoodEx2) at the individual level. FAO/WHO GIFT platform disseminates such data in a form of microdata and ready to use indicators.