This searchable database contains the summaries of all the evaluations of flavours, food additives, contaminants, toxicants and veterinary drugs JECFA has performed. Each summary contains basic chemical information, ADIs/TDIs, links to the most recent reports and monographs as well as to the specification database, and a history of JECFA evaluations. The database is searchable by partial name or CAS number, by first character (letter or symbol), or by functional class.

Includes all updates up to the 87th JECFA (June 2019).

List of chemicals in functional class GROWTH_PROMOTER

CARBADOX (NO ADI ALLOCATED, genotoxic carcinogens)
Halquinol (An ADI cannot be established due to the lack of information required to assess the in vivo mutagenicity and carcinogenicity potential.)
OLAQUINDOX (None allocated due to genotoxicity of parent compound)
TRENBOLONE ACETATE (0-0.02 µg/kg bw)
ZERANOL (0 - 0.5 µg/kg bw)