General Information

Chemical Names: 1,1,1-TRICHLORO-2,2-bis(para-CHLOROPHENYL)ETHANE
CAS number: 50-29-3
Functional Class:
  • Food Contaminant


Evaluation year: 1960
Comments: In 2000 JMPR established a provisional tolerable daily intake (PTDI) of 0.01 mg/kg bw for DDT (FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper 163/ 59, Rome, 2001).
Intake: Highest observed average intake: 0.68 mg/man/day
Tolerable Intake: PTDI: 0.01 mg/kg bw/d
Meeting: 05
Report: NMRS 29/TRS 220-JECFA 5/28
Toxicological study
Pivotal Study: Hayes et al., 1956: 18-month clinical study (n=17/group), where volunteers ingested 0, 3.5, or 35 mg DDT/kg bw/d in capsules or milk emulsions. The last dose was approximately 0.5 mg/kg body-weight. No adverse effects were reported.
Animal specie: Human
Effect: None reported
NOEL: 35 mg/kg bw/d
PTDI: 0-0.01 mg/kg bw
Point of departure: 0.5 mg kg bw/day