General Information

CAS number: 75-01-4
Functional Class:
  • Food Contaminant


Evaluation year: 1984
Comments: Orally administered vinyl chloride is rapidly absorbed and has been shown to be mutagenic and/or genotoxic in a number of systems. Vinyl chloride was carcinogenic to rats, mice and hamsters when administratered by oral inhalation or i.p. injection routes, with increaed incidences of liver tumors, pulmonary angiosarcomas, extrahepatic abdominal angiosarcomas, and tumors of the Zymbal gland noted. None of the available studies have established a "no effect" level. Exposure to high levels of vinyl chloride is associated with significant increases in the incidence of cancer at multiple organ sites, including the liver, brain, lung and lymphatic and hematopoietic system in occupationally-exposed populations. The use of food-contact materials from which vinyl chloride may migrate is provisionally accepted, on condition that the amount of the substance migrating into food is reduced to the lowest level technologically attainable. The Committee further stated that vinyl chloride should be kept under continuous review.
Intake: Mean intake: 0.001 mg/d from migration from food packaging
Tolerable Intake: NONE ESTABLISHED; genotoxic carcinogen
Meeting: 28
Report: TRS 710-JECFA 28/25
Tox Monograph: FAS 19-JECFA 28/197