General Information

CAS number: 107-13-1
Functional Class:
  • Food Contaminant


Evaluation year: 1984
Comments: The Committee's report noted that acrylonitrile is teratogenic in hamsters & rats, carcinogenic in rats, and may be carcinogenic in humans, based on epidemiological studies of occupationally-exposed populations. The use of food-contact materials from which acrylonitrile may migrate is provisionally accepted on condition that the amount of the substance migrating into food is reduced to the lowest level technologically attainable. The Committee also specified that justification for the use of such food contact materials be examined and recommended that acrylonitrile be kept under continuous review.
Tolerable Intake: NONE ESTABLISHED
Meeting: 28
Report: TRS 710-JECFA 28/23
Tox Monograph: FAS 19-JECFA 28/117