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Following the 8th Global Summit of National Bioethics Advisory Bodies, The Ethics and Health Team at WHO that provides the permanent secretariat for the Global Summit started developing a database containing Opinions submitted by National Ethics Committees (ONEC). The ONEC database is hosted in WHO and is accessible through a public website. This website will have several functions:

  • Online database of National Ethics Committees (NEC): This is an online searchable database of National Ethics Committees updated by the Secretariat using an online submission system which is accessible to the National Ethics Committees.
  • Online submission/collection of opinions by National Ethics Committees : This is a system that allows a secure online submission of opinions by National Ethics Committees. The files are uploaded online and a form is filled containing information like title, publication year, country and some keywords.
  • Searching online for opinions collected: This is a page that allows searching using different keywords from the title or the abstract of the opinions.

    NEC's who wish to update their information can do so by clicking on the Email link in the bottom of the page.
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