ICD-10 Interactive Self Learning Tool

The WHO Electronic ICD-10-training tool is designed for self-learning,and classroom use.  The modular structure of this ICD-10 training permits user groups specific tailoring of courses on individual paths, if desired.  Detailed information is given in the introduction of the tool, and in the user guide.


You can access the user guide from here and print or save it.  The manual can also be accessed at any time during the training.


Start the training     
There are two versions of the training tool


- Full ICD-10 training that contains all modules


- Cause of death certificate version, for persons that fill in causes of death on a death certificate.


Self-learners may have questions while working on one or the other section of the training. 

A website allows interaction with a group of specialists.


Translations in different languages are encouraged.

An outline of necessary resources, materials and rules is given here