WHO Press - a new focus for publishing in WHO
The establishment of WHO Press consolidates publishing activities within WHO and reflects the importance of knowledge sharing in a world where the health needs of the world's poor are not being met, as demonstrated by the findings of the 10/90 gap study of the Global Forum for Health Research.

WHO Press becomes the publisher of choice for the dissemination of important scientific, technical and medical advice that WHO wishes to deliver to the world.

WHO Press will therefore form an integral part of the new knowledge management and communications culture of the Organization and will continue to maintain the core values of its publishing programme, such as a commitment to quality, a disciplined and dedicated focus on customer service, a synergy with the objectives and activities of the Organization, and provision of services to developing countries and populations in greatest need.

WHO Press will focus its activities on market research and communication tools with a view to relay, to the widest audiences possible, the important health messages WHO is developing. WHO Press will assist technical departments in shaping better information products that can make an impact on health outcomes. And WHO Press will ensure that the best knowledge from the experts will indeed reach the least developed countries.

The WHO Press E.commerce web site provides information on WHO publications produced since 1948. Its search facility connects you with the information you seek and links you to the list of health-related subjects in which WHO publishes, new publications, catalogues and brochures available online, subscriptions to WHO publications. Links to ordering information, to the network of WHO sales agents and WHO depository libraries and to the WHO web site are also provided.

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