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Ref.No. [Initiator]
BEL-33 [Headquarters]
Title of the centre:
  WHO Collaborating Centre for Food and Water Safety, and Indoor Environment

Director / Head: 
  Mr Stan Hazan
  Tariq Bellahcene

  International European Regional Office
  National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)
  Kleine Kloosterstraat 6
  Zaventem 1932
  (32-2) 771 36 54
  (32-2) 763 00 13
Date of Designation:
Last Redesignation:
Date of Discontinuation:
Terms of Reference:
  1. A. Assistance to WHO & its Member States in matters related to food safety; in the safeguarding of the quality of community water supplies & in matters related to indoor environments, & in the control of related health impacts. 
  2. B. Support to WHO in the preparation & revision of guideline documents relating to: - the production, treatment, storage & supply of safe food & beverage; - drinking water quality, treatment & related health effects particularly on aspects which are complimentary to those included in the Drinking Water Guidelines; - indoor environments. 
  3. C. Maintenance of technical/scientific databases on food safety, drinking water safety & treatment & indoor environments, as & when required by WHO. 
  4. D. Assist WHO wih the development of a query response service to national public health agencies, industry & consumer requests covering the following subjects: - safe food & beverage; - drinking water treatment chemicals/additives & their health effects; - drinking water treatment systems & related products, components & materials; - plastics & plumbing system components; - bottled water; - indoor air pollution & health indicators. 
  5. E. Technical cooperation with WHO & with Member States on request, on the application of food safety systems, with particular regard to HACCP & general food hygiene principles; on the provision of safe drinking water, including bottled water, & on matters relating to indoor environments & health-related aspects of swimming pools & similar facilities. 
  6. F. Direct cooperation with WHO Headquarters & Regional Offices, & with other WHO Collaborating Centres in the assessment of health effects & methods for their control in matters related to food safety, drinking water safety & treatment, swimming pool & other leisure pool & indoor environments. 
  7. G. Liaison on health-significant issues related to food safety, to drinking water safety & treatment & to indoor environments with other international organizations including FAO, CODEX & ISO as well as with leading national & regional institutions. 
  1. Water & sanitation 
  2. Food safety 
  3. Environmental health and hazards other than those specifically mentioned 
Types of activity:
  1. Product development (guidelines; manual; methodologies; etc.) 
  2. Providing technical advise to WHO 
  3. Training and education 
WHO Outputs:
  Ower: 8.1 - Evidence-based assessments made, and norms and standards formulated and updated on major environmental hazards to health (e.g., poor air quality, chemical substances, electromagnetic fields, radon, poor-quality drinking-water and waste-water reuse)
Responsible Officer:
  +41 22 791 4430

Technical Counterpart:
  AERTGEERTS Roger Jozef
  +49 228 8150476
Access to annual progress reports and the current workplan (this is accessible to WHO Staff Members only):
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