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Everyone can take the lead towards universal health coverage, including you!

Make your voice heard, start a local campaign.

Inform yourself

Read about universal health coverage here - Identify a tangible problem within your family, your school, your university, your workplace, your network or your community. Explore why you want to focus on this particular issue and map how to achieve your goal. What are the resources you will need to lead a campaign? What will it take to motivate people around you to engage in your campaign to make it succeed?

Share your story

Communicate your experiences, needs and opinion around you. By sharing your story on social media or local media, you could spark a campaign or a movement. By sharing your story with a civil society organization that is representing your issue, you lend them your voice and credibility.

Take action, demand action

To demand action is to take action. You may, for example, organize a town hall meeting in your community that includes community health officials, educators, patients, parents and community health organizations. Request the presence of a policy-maker or government official. Host a letter-writing workshop at your school or workplace. Address the letters to your community elder or high-level officials. Follow up on the status of these letters until they become a priority. If you have no time, but money, donate money to help a non-profit group advance your cause.


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