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Register: ANZCTR
Last refreshed on: 22 February 2013
Main ID:  ACTRN12608000328370
Date of registration: 15/07/2008
Primary sponsor: Individual Ruth Natalia Teresa Turrini
Public title: Are the Bach-flower remedies effective for improvement of self-esteem and life quality in elderly with lower self-esteem?
Scientific title: Are the Bach-flower remedies effective for improvement of self-esteem and life quality in elderly with lower self-esteem
Date of first enrolment: 16/04/2008
Target sample size: 80
Recruitment status: Completed
Study type:  Interventional
Study design:  Randomised controlled trial  Parallel
Countries of recruitment
Key inclusion & exclusion criteria
Inclusion criteria: Dela Coleta self-esteem score < 9
Able to understand and answer the questionnares

Exclusion criteria: 1. Use of drugs for anxiety or depression
2. Use of some energetic complementary pratice like Acupunture, Healing Touch, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Cromotherapy and Flowers Essences
3. Presence of cognitive deficit by mini-mental test

Age minimum: 60 Years
Age maximum: 0 No limit
Gender: Both males and females
Health Condition(s) or Problem(s) studied
Lower self-esteem in elderly people
The Bach-flower remedies are solutions obtained through the transference of some flowers vibration to water, therefore, this is an energetic intervention. They are used to rebalance the emotions and state of mind. The Bach-flower remedies are manipulated in sterilized bottles which 30 ml of Brandy solution 30% which contains 2 drops from each Mother-essence from the chosen remedy. In this study will be prepared 2 bottles for each volunteer for an interval of 45 days, where this interval will be repeated 2 times, totalling 90 days of intervention. The couple bottles contains the same preparation (if the volunteer is from the experimental group, the 2 bottles contains Bach-flower remedies. If from the placebo group, the bottles contains only Brandy solution 30%). Must be taken 4 drops, 4 times a day, directly in the mouth or diluted in some liquid (water, tea, juice).
Primary Outcome(s)
Improvement in the Dela Coleta self-esteem score
Improvement in the WHO Quality of Life (WHOQOL) and Additional WHO Elderly Quality of Life(WHOQOL-OLD) scores
Secondary Outcome(s)
Identify the most frequent Bach Flower Remedies among the volunteers of the research. In the Bach-flower remedies exist 38 essences. During the interview, the volunteer must choose 6 among the 38 essences (6 essences in each encounter), which will be registered in the volunteer record.
Secondary ID(s)
Source(s) of Monetary Support
Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo (FAPESP)
Secondary Sponsor(s)
Sheila Katia Cozin
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