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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Effect of zinc supplementation in treatment of pregnant women at risk for intrauterine growth restrictionNot Recruiting2018-06-03
Effects of biscuit supplementation fortified with zinc, glutamine, prebiotics, and dietary fiber on intestinal mucosal rehabilitation in children aged 12-18 months with undernutritionRecruiting09/01/2018
Effect of combined vitamin E and zinc supplementation in treatment of gestational diabetes mellitusNot Recruiting2018-01-07
Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Appetite and Growth in Primary Malnourished ChildrenNot recruiting02/03/2017
Lao Zinc Study: Effects of Two Forms of Daily Preventive Zinc Versus Therapeutic Zinc SupplementationNot recruiting09/02/2015
Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A and Psychosocial Care for Child Growth and DevelopmentNot recruiting07/12/2014
Effect of zinc supplementation in the treatment of diabetic retinopathyNot Recruiting2014-08-02
Effect of zinc supplementation on serum levels of nerve growth factor in the treatment of diabetic retinopathyNot Recruiting2014-05-12
Weekly Zinc Chelate Supplementation on Children's GrowthNot recruiting27/06/2013
Efficacy of zinc supplementation on weight and height growth of healthy 9-18 year childrenNot Recruiting2013-06-07
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