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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
An mHealth intervention to improve vaccination uptake and other health outcomes among rural Indian children: pilot study for a cluster-randomized trialRecruiting02/05/2018
Health effects of dietary supplementation of Sujiaonori (Ulva Profilera Muller) biomaterials on salivary adiponectin, cardiovascular risk parameters and skin health in healthy humansNot Recruiting15/09/2016
WASH Benefits KenyaNot recruiting05/10/2012
WASH Benefits BangladeshNot recruiting30/04/2012
Therapeutic effect of ketogenic diet on survival and quality of patients with Glioblastoma MultiformeNot Recruiting2012-04-27
Reducing childhood illness - fostering growth: an integrated home-based intervention package (IHIP) improving indoor-air pollution, drinking water quality and child nutritionNot Recruiting14/04/2010
A Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Teduglutide in Subjects with Parenteral Nutrition-Dependant Short Bowel Syndrome Who Completed Protocol CL0600-004 - N/ANot Recruiting11/04/2005
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