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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Effects of a preoperative carbohydrate drink on postoperative recovery after day-surgery in children; The Sweet Dreams Trial.Not recruiting12/09/2018
A Pilot study on fluid therapy during surgery in children and its effect on blood sugar and ketones.Not Recruiting14-08-2018
Test of a strategy for childhood obesity based on the Food Guide for the Brazilian PopulationNot Recruiting30/07/2018
Ultrasonography to Evaluate the Safety of Preoperative Oral Intake of Different Amounts Carbohydrate-rich Fluids in Chinese ChildrenRecruiting2018-07-30
Breakfast and Muscle Health in ChildrenRecruiting15/07/2018
Examining the Relationship Between Acute Meal Intake and Inflammation in ChildrenNot recruiting13/07/2018
Dual sugar blood testing to identify liver cirrhosis patients with leaky bowel wall and antibiotic use to prevent fatal intra-abdominal bacterial infections.Not recruiting21/06/2018
A Clinical Trial to See the Effect Of Medicated Ghee(cow ghee infused with herbal medicines) as Against Plain Cow Ghee in Improving Learning Ability and Memory Of Healthy School Going Children.Not Recruiting31-05-2018
Snacks, Smiles and Taste PreferencesRecruiting29/05/2018
A cluster randomised controlled trial of a consumer behaviour intervention to reduce the average energy, saturated fat, sugar and sodium content of the online canteen lunch orders of primary school students: The 'Click & Crunch' Trial.Not recruiting22/05/2018
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