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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Effects of HeartWare on vWF profilesNot Recruiting18/07/2016
Effectiveness of a community based lifestyle modification program to reduce risk factors associated with hypertensionNot Recruiting27/06/2016
A single-centre study looking at the effect of compression therapy in patients having foam sclerosant injection for varicose veinsRecruiting20/04/2016
Clarifying Optimal Sodium Intake ProjectNot recruiting04/04/2016
In healthy adults, is provision of nutritional support effective for following low dietary sodium intake?Not recruiting07/10/2015
Role of Sympathetic Overactivity and Angiotensin II in PTSD and CVNot recruiting24/09/2015
Inhaled furosemide for dyspnoea reliefNot Recruiting09/09/2015
Metabolic and Cardiovascular Effects of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4) or Sodium-glucose Co-transporter Type 2 (SGLT2) InhibitorsRecruiting17/08/2015
Increased Salt Intake in Healthy MenNot recruiting24/07/2015
Health And Bread Intervention Trials: Effect of changing bread composition on cardiovascular disease marker. Not recruiting23/02/2015
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