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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Stress, Salt Excretion, and Nighttime Blood PressureNot recruiting09/08/2018
Volumetric Analysis of Parotid Gland after Botox Injection to Parotid GlandNot Recruiting2018-08-07
Long-term Outpatient Observation of Refractory HypertensionRecruiting2018-07-17
Bedtime Potassium Losartan on CKD With Nocturnal Hypertension Patients With Nondipping Blood Pressure PatternNot recruiting04/07/2018
A pilot randomized, controlled, clinical study assessing the non-inferiority of calcium channel blockade over alpha blockade on hemodynamic stability in the management of Pheochromocytoma/Paraganglioma (PPGL)Not Recruiting22-06-2018
The early sedation effect of intrathecal morphine administration on adult patients undergoing urogenital surgeriesRecruiting20/06/2018
Effect of Plasma Sodium Concentration on Blood Pressure Regulators During HemodialysisNot recruiting12/06/2018
The Effects of Dietary Salt on Post-exercise HypotensionRecruiting11/06/2018
Effect of regional anesthesia in Hand surgeryRecruiting2018-06-09
Multicentre Non-interventional Study of Treatment Outcome in Heart Failure Patients with Hyperkalaemia under RAASi-treatment Receiving Veltassa in Routine PracticeNot Recruiting07/06/2018
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