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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
changes in anal sphincter pressure after regional anesthesia for anal surgeryNot Recruiting2016-04-08
Clarifying Optimal Sodium Intake ProjectNot recruiting04/04/2016
Decision Support for Intraoperative Low Blood PressureNot recruiting28/03/2016
A phase I study into the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity of PolyCAb in healthy subjectsNot Recruiting04/02/2016
Comparative analysis of the single photon diagnostic tecnology (Spect/CT), with radiopharmaceutical application of Ecdg-99mTc , and computed tomography (CT)- in patients with Lung Cancer.Not Recruiting28/01/2016
The validity study of newly developed self-monitoring system that can utilize for health guidance of urinary Na/K meter and home blood pressure monitor with function of measurement of nighttime blood pressure as a feasibility study using small number of survey in rural area of Japan 08/01/2016
A multi-centre randomised controlled trial of pre-hospital administration of packed red blood cells and freeze-dried plasma to patients with low blood pressure after major injuries.Authorised18/12/2015
Low Sodium Dialysate and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement ParametersRecruiting21/11/2015
Effect of Sodium Rinsing Fluid on Blood Pressure and Interdialytic Weight Change in Hemodialysis PatientsNot recruiting27/10/2015
Effect of reducing the amount of salt and sodium salt residual urineNot Recruiting2015-10-23
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