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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Effect of a Multi-component Education Program on Salt Reduction in AdultsRecruiting28/01/2019
Effect of Dexmedetomidine on postoperative shivering after general anesthesia for appendectomyNot Recruiting2019-01-14
A clinical trial to study the comparative efficacy of two different doses of intravenous labetalol in patients with controlled high blood pressureNot Recruiting28-12-2018
Australasian Follow-up Tracking and Enhancing Recovery after Acute Kidney Injury (AFTER-AKI)Recruiting20/12/2018
Dietary Counseling or Potassium Supplement to Increase Potassium Intake in Patients With High Blood PressureNot recruiting13/12/2018
Effects of salt substitution on blood pressure using home blood pressure, ambulatory blood pressure and clinical blood pressure in essential hypertensive patients: a randomized controlled trialNot Recruiting2018-11-25
Salt-Sensitivity and Immunity Cell ActivationNot recruiting20/11/2018
The Benefit of Local Anesthesia at the Sternum in Patients With Coronary SurgeryRecruiting05/11/2018
Desmopressin for treatment of stroke patients on antiplatelet therapyRecruiting22/10/2018
Effects of different infusion time length of mannitol on blood potassium and intracranial pressure in craniotomyRecruiting2018-09-25
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