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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Growth, Risks of Allergy and Metabolic Syndrome in 6 Year Old Children Born Preterm Compared to Postdischarge NutritionNot recruiting28/02/2014
Effects of Infant Formula on the Growth and Tolerance in Preterm/Low Birth Weight InfantsNot recruiting19/02/2014
Effect of Selenium Supplementation on Trace Mineral Antioxidant Enzyme and Amino Acid Metabolism in InfantsNot recruiting04/02/2014
Human Milk Fortification in Very Low Birth NeonatesRecruiting12/11/2013
The Low Birth Weight in South Asia Trial (LBWSAT): Can birth weight in the plains of Nepal be cost-effectively increased using a behaviour change strategy (BSC) involving women?s groups alone or by BCS with either a food or cash transfer?Recruiting12/07/2013
The POPS trial (PICC Out Parenteral nutrition Stopped): In preterm infants less than 1500grams, does stopping intravenous nutrition and removing Peripherally Inserted Central Venous Catheters (PICC lines) at 100mls/kg/day of oral feeds compared to 140mls/kg/day (full oral feeds) significantly increase time to regain birth-weight?Not recruiting20/06/2013
Aspiration of Residual Gastric ContentsRecruiting22/05/2013
Pregnancy, Exercise And nutrition Research study with app supportRecruiting21/01/2013
The ProVIDe Study. The effect of higher intravenous protein intake for extremely low birthweight babies in the first week after birth on survival free from neurodevelopmental disability at 2 years' corrected age.Not recruiting10/10/2012
Zinc supplementation in very low birth weight neonatesNot recruiting06/08/2012
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