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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
A study to calculate iodine values in pregnant Indian women and find out if there are good or harmful effects on thyroid gland working capacity in both mothers and newborns .Not Recruiting28-02-2018
Prevalence of Isolated hypothyroxinemia and urine iodine status during 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancyNot Recruiting29/01/2018
Research on Excessive Iodine Status in PregnancyNot recruiting24/01/2018
Potential Preventive Effect of Selenium on Iodine-induced Thyroid Autoimmunity During PregnancyNot recruiting18/11/2017
Prenatal iodine nutrition and child attention deficit-hyperactivity disorderRecruiting14/09/2017
Assessment of Dried Blood Spot Thyroglobulin and Urinary Iodine Concentration in Pregnant WomenRecruiting02/06/2017
Learning Clubs to improve women's perinatal health and early childhood development Not recruiting27/03/2017
Iodine Supplement Strategies Between Routine Iodine Supplementation and Selective Iodine SupplementationNot recruiting27/02/2017
Effect of multi aspect interventions in reducing Low birth weight and maternal anemia among pregnant women Not recruiting17/10/2016
Serum Thyroglobulin as a Marker of Iodine Status During PregnancyNot recruiting03/10/2016
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