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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Evaporative spray effect on reducing injection pain in childrenNot Recruiting2014-11-19
Efficacy and safety of hypothermia and erythropoietin for neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathyNot Recruiting2014-04-19
Reserach on neotype rectum cooling systemRecruiting2014-03-08
Preemie Hypothermia for Neonatal EncephalopathyNot recruiting13/02/2013
Hypothermia's Impact on PharmacologyNot recruiting20/03/2012
Effects of the delivery room temperature on the admission temperature of premature infants with gestational age = 32 weeks: a randomized controlled trialNot Recruiting2011-07-20
Therapeutic Controlled Hypothermia in the Treatment of Neonates With Severe Necrotizing EnterocolitisRecruiting04/04/2011
Bag and mattress or bag for preterm infants in the delivery room: The Bambino TrialNot Recruiting03/03/2011
A prospective investigation into the role of therapeutic hypothermia on medication metabolism and excretion in newborns with perinatal resuscitation.Not Recruiting22/09/2010
Warm Humid Gas Insufflation for Appendix Removal by Minimally Invasive Surgery Warm Humid Insufflation for Appendix Removal by Minimally Invasive Surgery Trial (WARMIST)Recruiting07/12/2009
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