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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Becoming Children With Perinatal Anoxo-Ischemic Encephalopathy Without Indication of Therapeutic HypothermiaNot recruiting14/11/2018
Risk factors of hypothermia in children undergoing general anesthesiaNot Recruiting2018-10-14
Comparative analysis of two solutions for miocardial protection in the correction of congenital cardiopathies.Not Recruiting26/07/2018
Long-Term Early Development Research: serum-biomarkers for cerebral damage as predictors for neurocognitive deficits and for the course of neurocognitive development of children after cardiopulmonary resuscitationRecruiting21/12/2017
Perioperative Management of Temperature in Children and Influence of Hypothermia on Blood Clotting in Children.Recruiting04/09/2017
Peri-operative Hypothermia in ChildrenNot recruiting27/08/2017
Can the SpotOn™ Zero-Heat-Flux-Thermometry Sensor Accurately Measure Core Temperature in Children?Not recruiting19/04/2017
A European trial to evaluate the effect of Allopurinol administered very early after birth on brain injury in children with oxygen deficiency during birthAuthorised30/01/2017
A clinical trial to study hemodynamics in cooled and non cooled neonates with Birth asphyxiaRecruiting23-01-2017
Preventing Inadvertent Hypothermia in Paediatric Neurosurgery in MalawiRecruiting24/11/2016
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