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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Comparison of Once- Versus Twice-Daily Administration of long-acting insulin Detemir in children with type 1 diabetesRecruiting2019-01-16
Trial to Confirm the Efficacy and Safety of Dasiglucagon in the Treatment of Hypoglycemia in T1DM ChildrenRecruiting07/09/2018
incidence of low blood sugar levels in children with heart disease who are kept fasting night before surgery and comparing them with those who are given sugar solution orally on the morning of surgeryNot Recruiting22-05-2018
Research on Safety and Efficacy of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Type 1 Diabetes Children (RoSEC)Recruiting22/05/2018
French Version of the Scales of Fear of Hypoglycaemia in Children With Type 1 Diabetes and Their ParentsRecruiting13/03/2018
Blood Glucose and Ketone levels on fasting children between 6 to 12 months for elective surgeryNot recruiting17/01/2018
Supporting Parents of Young Children With Type 1 Diabetes in Closed-Loop SystemRecruiting21/11/2017
To study the utility of oral detrose gel in reducing NICU admission of babies, in the first 2 days of life who develop low sugars and are given intravenous dextrose in the NICU.Not Recruiting06-11-2017
FreeStyle Libre FGM During Summer Camp for Children With Type 1 DiabetesNot recruiting07/06/2017
Role of serum biomarkers predicting neurological outcome in Birth asphyxiaNot Recruiting25-01-2017
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