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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
A Study to Evaluate the Effects of Genetic Factors on the Pharmacokinetics of Antiretroviral Drugs During Pregnancy and LactationNot recruiting02/10/2014
Option B+: Study on Safety, Viral Suppression, and Survival on Second Line ARTNot recruiting11/09/2014
Evaluation of the HITSystem to Improve Early Infant Diagnosis Outcomes in KenyaNot recruiting24/02/2014
Mother Infant Retention for Health: MIR4HealthNot recruiting10/10/2013
German HIV Pregnancy RegisterRecruiting03/04/2013
Optimizing Integrated PMTCT Services in Rural North-Central NigeriaNot recruiting04/03/2013
Home-based Partner Education and Testing (HOPE) StudyNot recruiting04/02/2013
Effectiveness of an HIV-adapted IMCI Training and Supervision Programme for Community Health WorkersRecruiting20/01/2013
Breast Milk Composition and HIV-exposed/Unexposed Early Infant Growth and Infectious Disease EventsNot recruiting02/10/2012
Maternal Determinants of HIV-exposed and HIV-unexposed Fetal Growth, Birth Outcomes and Early Infant GrowthNot recruiting18/07/2012
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