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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Family and Web-based Nutrition Intervention to Increase Vegetable, Fruit, and Dairy Intakes in ChildrenNot recruiting08/01/2019
Mater Mothers Hospital implementation of txt4twoNot Recruiting08/01/2019
What are the effects of nutrition education in Dutch primary schools?Recruiting16/10/2018
Influence of Episodic Memory on Healthy EatingRecruiting04/10/2018
Smartphone Cardiac Rehabilitation, Assisted self-Management (SCRAM): A 21st Century Approach for Improving the Self-Management of Heart DiseaseNot recruiting30/08/2018
Evaluation of an E-intervention on MHBC for Chinese Cardiac Patients in Home-based RehabilitationRecruiting02/08/2018
Impact of knowledge of vascular disease on Modification Of Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle: The MODEL studyNot recruiting28/06/2018
Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers With and Without an SSB TaxRecruiting31/05/2018
The Active Breed pilot randomised controlled trial: a weight loss and lifestyle modification program for men in South-Western SydneyRecruiting03/05/2018
Online and telephone support for multiple health risk behaviours among Technical and Further Education (TAFE) studentsNot recruiting02/05/2018
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