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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Change in Child-feeding Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices With Nutrition Education Mass Media in GhanaNot recruiting08/06/2016
Ideal food for severely malnourished HIV childrenNot Recruiting30-03-2016
Gut Inflammation Markers as Determinants of Response to Recovery in Uncomplicated Severely Malnourished ChildrenNot Recruiting17-02-2016
Assessing the role of cash transfer programmes in reducing the risk of acute malnutrition in Somalia Recruiting22/01/2016
Supplementary Food for Moderate Acute Malnutrition in ChildrenRecruiting29/09/2015
Supplementary Food on Prevention of Moderate Malnutrition in ChildrenRecruiting29/09/2015
Food and Agricultural Approaches to Reducing MalnutritionRecruiting17/07/2015
A prospective clinical study of ready-to-use therapeutic supplement food compared with standard therapy to see its benefits in management of cancer-related under-nutrition in children.Not Recruiting08-06-2015
A Comparative effect of Child-to-Child and Health Educator to-Child teaching approaches on nutritional status in Elementary School Students in Rasht, 2014Not Recruiting2015-05-17
Emotional stimulation as a cost-effective addition to emergency food intervention for malnutrition in a low income countryNot Recruiting17/04/2015
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