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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Kangaroo Mother Care implementation research for accelerating scale-up in Uttar Pradesh, IndiaRecruiting30/01/2018
SPOON: Sustained Program for Improving Nutrition - GuatemalaNot recruiting08/01/2018
The effectiveness of a home visitor approach to maternal mental health support and infant stimulation activities for Palestinian on mother and child outcomesNot recruiting19/12/2017
SPOON: Sustained Program for Improving Nutrition - ColombiaNot recruiting14/12/2017
Parkdale Infant Nutrition Security Targeted Evaluation Project: Infant FeedingRecruiting08/12/2017
Evaluation of Integrating MIYCN Interventions in Existing CGPP of PCIRecruiting29/11/2017
breast feeding and supportNot Recruiting2017-10-07
Problem Solving Problems in BreastfeedingNot Recruiting2017-08-01
PUMP (Providing the Underprivileged With Manual Pumps): An RCTRecruiting16/06/2017
A study to find out the impact of counselling by a trained nurse during pregnancy versus conventional counselling on exclusive breast-feeding practices among first time pregnant mothers- a hospital based trialNot Recruiting26-05-2017
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