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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
The effect of education based on the theory of planned behavior to continue exclusive breastfeedingRecruiting2019-05-02
Childhood Risk Reduction Program in HispanicsNot recruiting29/03/2019
Improving Exclusive Breastfeeding Via Mobile Phone Text MessagesNot recruiting24/03/2019
Effect of tele counseling on the continuity and duration of breastfeeding in women In Minudasht health center on summer 2014Not Recruiting2019-03-12
?Exclusive breastfeedingRecruiting2019-03-09
Study for the relationship between mother-infant interaction and maternal reproductive hormone level in breast-feedingNot Recruiting2019-03-03
Effectiveness of counselling on breastfeeding duration, infant growth velocity and postpartum weight loss in overweight womenRecruiting27/02/2019
Using Mobile Phone Text Messaging System to Improve Exclusive Breastfeeding Rate in a Resource-poor Caribbean IslandRecruiting22/02/2019
Synergistic Activity of Human Milk Nutrients and Infant CognitionRecruiting05/02/2019
Can crèche provision, counselling and participatory women’s groups reduce undernutrition in children aged up to 3 years in eastern India?Not Recruiting30/01/2019
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