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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Men's Club: Impact of Male Partner Involvement on Initiation and Sustainment of Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Postpartum WomenRecruiting02/03/2017
Promoting Exclusive Breastfeeding Among HIV Infected Women in a PMTCT ProgramNot recruiting27/02/2017
Effect of Breastfeeding Education and Support Intervention on Timely Initiation and Exclusive BreastfeedingNot recruiting14/01/2017
Effects of an online social network on promoting and supporting breastfeedingRecruiting27/12/2016
Implementation of a baby-friendly workplace support initiative and assessment of its feasibility and success in improving mother and child nutrition and healthRecruiting21/12/2016
The presence of Candida albicans in breastmilk during the breastfeeding periodRecruiting30/11/2016
Mother's Milk Messaging: Evaluation of a Bilingual APP to Support Initiation and Exclusive Breastfeeding in New MothersNot recruiting27/10/2016
Experiential Learning with Empowerment Strategies and Social Support (ELESSS) in Thai Grandmothers to improve Exclusive Breastfeeding among Adolescent Mothers for the first Six Months of the BabyĆ¢??s lifeNot Recruiting01/10/2016
Effects of a flichart on breastfeeding and exclusive breastfeedingNot Recruiting03/06/2016
LEAP-CP: Learning through Everyday Activities with Parents for infants at high risk of Cerebral Palsy in a low-income countryNot recruiting19/05/2016
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